Susan Melbourne

Susan Melbourne was a stout girl with wide hips and an astute sense of humour. 
The day she met Ms. Marti was a day she would never forget, although as with any memory, the details were likely to be inaccurate.
          This is what I remember of the story she told me. 
Melbourne walked into her first period geography class on the foremost day on grade nine,
at her new school,
with all new peers, and sat beside a kind looking girl of similar stature and beauty,
and more importantly, she felt,
 behind the most attractive boy in the class;
that is not to say he was THE most handsome in her mind or heart,
but she certainly felt he was out of those in the classroom. 
Ms. Marti was the kind of woman who seemed to feel
it was her place to be friendly, funny, and cool;
 but came across as only the first of the list. 
Susan absolutely hater her fake smile. 
                   She’s too peppy, makes me sorta sick
I think Susan just didn’t like having her work criticised,

and Ms. Marti was certainly good at that.  


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