Manic Pixie

I am your dream 
My appearance deceives
As you unwrap my onion skin layers 
You discover
I am 
bat shit crazy
And that is so in right now

You convince yourself 
You can save me. 
My brain is a garden that just needs tending to
and your ho is ready to plow me till I bloom

But you see, it's not that cute. 
And it's not that simple. 
Believe it or not, sex has never been proven
To cure anything but dick envy

Not that I don't always enjoy it, 

It's like this time I was drunk tobagganing in high school
Taboozing if you will
I was going so fast, with ice smacking my face but I didn't care because I was so thrilled and hyped on adrenaline 
That all I could say was
Please hit me! 
That's how I felt last Sunday as I scrubbed the kitchen baseboards till my fingers were raw

And then I didn't get out bed for a week. 

The thing about my mental illness is that it is so inconsistent I can't decide whether I am cute or not
I have no conscience thought for weeks and then my brain shows up just in time to remind me of every single mistake I have ever made. 
Leaving me with the mental and physical mobility of a beached starfish 
A collector's item. 
But at least I pretty


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