Calling In Sick

Calling In Sick

It’s the days when you feel like you can’t do this
Like the routine you’ve dug into your sheets
Can’t take anymore sleep.
You need to clean
But if you cycle through sleep and clean one more time
The rawness of your hands
And the numbness of your mind
Might melt together
I’m too naked to leave the house
I can’t possible wear another sweater
I am both too warm and too cold.
I haven’t stopped sweating in days
And it’s definitely not from exercise.

I’m sick,
And I can’t call into work.  
My depression makes my mania
Look like a summer holiday.
I will take broke brunches on Wednesdays -
And dollar store craft hauls
Bathtub crawls
Any day.
On the days I feel like I can’t do this anymore
The only thing I can do is tell myself one of two things,
Not much farther to go, bipolar isn’t an endless slope.
What choice

Do. You. have. 


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