Welcome to the Mad House

Welcome to the mad house.
We here are a community
Of survivors,
Or idle wanderers;
Our thoughts like bubbles
That won’t pop when you push them.
Our heads are all
-          full of push pins.

Down the hall is Brenda;
Her bloodied hands will hold you
While the electricity
Pumps through your heart.
We will count your breaths;
And cradle you while
You sleep -
While you weep.

We are a home
For those who need guidance -
And heavy medication.

I myself,
Will share anecdotes
And over compensation
With those who seek

We are a mad house -
But do not fret,
We are not truly crazy,
Those folks
Are sent upstairs
To the sanatorium.
They are a fright to see,
So obviously distinguishable
From you and me.

They see things;
They scream things
While we only feel things
-          Or don’t feel things.

Welcome to the mad house;
We here are a community
Of survivors.
We bond over
Shared commiseration.

I hope you like your stay here.


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