Binary Function

Uniform, patterns of bravery and service
I don't want or deserve this
I am a woman of the cloth
I serve my god with entitlement and fortitude.
My name is Gertrude,
An insane woman of godly beliefs
I stand her now
To cure you
Your brain can be molded
Like a plasticine doll you will be
Created just as god and I envisioned you
No more mental defectives in my care
I will nurse you to mental health

A persons brain works in infinite different ways
But one singular pattern is essential for a person to fit
Squarely into one of the many boxes provided to you
By society at birth

Cardboard doesn't bend very well,
It doesn't stretch

A bi functioning individual must
Congeal in order
To be successful.
No one wants a moody, tooty, un-choosy -  
Be frank my dear,
Nurse Gertrude is here.
I want to hear
All that hurts your
Binary system my dear.

Like a technician I find
Great recognition in the
Restoration of a dual codes society system;
Praise be singularity.

Except - not. 


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