Mother's Day

With Mother's day approaching I've been thinking a lot about everything that my mum has done for me; she raised two young girls alone.  She was far from perfect - and I do have my fair share of complaints - but she loved us unconditionally, and taught us to be the strong young women we are today.
There aren't a lot of pictures of the two of us together, because if there is a photo of me, she was usually the one taking it.  After we lost my dad life was hard, and only more recently in my life have I begun to truly appreciate just how difficult it was for my mother.

At twenty two, having fallen in love my self, I now truly appreciate what she went through, as much as anyone ever can.  She lost someone she loved dearly, and in addition was left with the responsibility of raising the two children they had brought into the world together - in addition to maintaining a relationship with her step-children, in the wake of true heartbreak.  

Mom, I know you will say that you had no choice, that you would do it all again, that anyone would have done the same; but the harsh truth is that so many would have given up, and no matter what, no matter the falters, you always gave us your absolute best and all of your love.  

You brought my sister and I up alongside all 5 of  our other siblings with strength and courage and I will be eternally grateful for your love and belief in me, no matter who I am, no matter who I love, and no matter where I chose to go in life.  

I love you so much,
Thank you, butterfly kisses, 
 Love, you're darling baby girl


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