No matter what I dream

No matter what I dream

Darling you are lonely, and feeling unattended,
But darling I meant no harm.
I am hurt you are offended.
I am hurt that I have hurt you.
I have thus injured my own. 
I have lost myself in dreams,
But I was not alone,
For in every dream I dream, there’s you. 

When I am sailing in the Atlantic,
When I’m backpacking my way through,
When I’m meeting all my heroes,
I am meeting them with you.

I dream I’m traveling through England, Ireland and Spain.
I dream I’m singing, I’m writing,
 Everybody knows my name.
I sometimes dream of a large country home, of a pup named Sam.
I imagine a more peaceful world, but no matter where I am,
No matter what I dream,
My dreams have you.

That country home is ours, and that pup too. 
We travel together, through a country, or two.
I sing, you film, or whatever you may choose.
In every dream I dream, I am with you. 

I know that I have lost myself;
I’ve neglected you along the way.
I wish that I could change that,
At least let me explain.

Sometimes dreams are easier
Than the reality we live.
In the clouds it’s breezier
My dreams I’m scared to outlive.
Now that I know I’ve hurt you,
Let me stay around.
I can remind you why you love me,
And I hope success is found,
That these dreams are our reality,
Yours, and mine.

Darling I am sorry, sorrier than I can say,
I just wanted to explain
No matter what I dream,
I dream of you. 


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